The new team TARDIS had an emotional reckoning in ‘Eve of the Daleks’ – how did the cast handle filming? The Doctor Who Magazine Yearbook holds all the answers.

How come the Thirteenth Doctor couldn’t remember her? Why did she bury her TARDIS? Why was she working for the Division? While we still don’t have all the answers about the Fugitive Doctor, here’s everything we do know.

Here’s your first look at the Flux figurines from the latest of the Thirteenth Doctor’s adventures, plus brand new models to add your collection from Hero Collector.

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Is it bigger on the inside?

At least it could be an Event!

The Doctor Who Target range will be expanding with five new titles in Summer 2022, all publishing on 14th July 2021.

The first full season for Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor is the next release to come to Blu-ray with Season 22.

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Miles arriving by Tardis

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