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Doctor Who

Sketch of Jon Pertwee as The Third Doctor (Doctor Who TV series)

Biro pen on Strathmore paper

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The original Cybermen looked very different to the current Dr Who versions.
in some ways a lot scarier..

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Lego Daleks

Get the low-down on the return - and redesign - of an old enemy of the Doctor in this month's bumper issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

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Wizard World Chicago day 1

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TARDIS - Afflecks, Manchester 2021

The TARDIS in Manchester’s Afflecks store!Saturday 2nd October 2021

Showrunner Chris Chibnall confirms the writing and directing credits for the six-episode serial beginning October 31st...

In honour of Ada Lovelace Day, meet some of Doctor Who's best and brightest!

The new series, titled Doctor Who: Flux will premiere on Sunday October 31st.

It's been 55 years since one of the Doctor's most terrifying foes first debuted - but how much have the Cybermen upgraded since then?

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