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Doctor Who series 10: is Moffat planning to go full circle? - Den of Geek UK

Den of Geek UK

Doctor Who series 10: is Moffat planning to go full circle?
Den of Geek UK
While visiting former Doctor Who locations with his family on holiday in Cardiff, Andrew made a visit to The Vicarage in Rhymney, Gwent, otherwise known as the childhood home of Amelia Pond in fictional Leadworth (pictured below). The friendly owner ...



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Happy Hump day my Flickr Buddies❤️
Rocking my Dr Who tee 😎

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'Doctor Who' Spin-Off 'Class' is a Sci-Fi 'Saved By the Bell' - Inverse


'Doctor Who' Spin-Off 'Class' is a Sci-Fi 'Saved By the Bell'
This fall, Whovians will have another inlet into the world of the Doctor when Doctor Who spin-off, Class, airs on BBC3. The series follows the students and teachers at Coal Hill School, an institution with which fans of the long-running science fiction ...

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Doctor Who Christmas special - who will be the companion? Series ... - Radio Times

Radio Times


K9 - 3D printer

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K9 - 3D printer

3D printed

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The New Doctor Who Spinoff Class Sounds a Lot Like Torchwood ... - Gizmodo


The New Doctor Who Spinoff Class Sounds a Lot Like Torchwood ...
We didn't really expect Class to have the same type of tone as the former Doctor Who spinoff anyway, but it's kind of weird just how close the premise for Patrick ...
Doctor Who spin-off Class has a similar plot to Torchwood, it's ...Radio Times
Doctor Who Spinoff Class Compared To Buffy By Creator, Premiere Set For
Class: Doctor Who spin-off will arrive in OctoberDen of Geek UK
Empire -Doctor Who Watch
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'Doctor Who' Actress Michelle Gomez Is Both Master and Missy - Observer


'Doctor Who' Actress Michelle Gomez Is Both Master and Missy
The 49-year-old British actress, best known for as the villainess in cult shows like Doctor Who and Gotham, seemed barely fazed. She's used to creating a spark. Case in point: Check out her Instagram Msgomez66. She's dazzling. Her pale blue eyes have a ...

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Doctor Who spin-off Class has a similar plot to Torchwood, it's ... - Radio Times

Radio Times

Doctor Who spin-off Class has a similar plot to Torchwood, it's ...
Radio Times
We're only a few weeks away from the debut of Doctor Who spin-off Class, but as of yet we're still relatively in the dark about what to expect. While some details ...
Doctor Who Spinoff Plot Details: Class Isn't About The "Chosen Ones"Den of Geek US
The New Doctor Who Spinoff Class Sounds a Lot Like Torchwood ...Gizmodo
Class: Doctor Who spin-off will arrive in OctoberDen of Geek UK -Digital Spy -Empire
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Dramatic pose for effect

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Dramatic pose for effect


The Doctor fights the angels in wonderland

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The Doctor fights the angels in wonderland



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At the Dr. Who Experience

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Eve Myles: I would love to bring back Torchwood to TV - Radio Times

Radio Times

Eve Myles: I would love to bring back Torchwood to TV
Radio Times
When asked by if we'd get more Torchwood on TV, the actor said, “If I did I couldn't possibly say... because of the consequences.” Well, a true Torchwood agent wouldn't give up the secret that easily, would they? However, Myles did ...

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The latest on Doctor Who series 10

Production on Doctor Who series 10 is now in full swing – permission to squee! But since we can’t just jump into a TARDIS and fast-forward to next year to find out what happens in the new series, we can release juicy little sneak peeks of what’s been going on behind the scenes!

Here’s a roundup of all the backstage glimpses you may (or may not) have missed over the past few weeks. Onwards!

Hercule does Who

David Suchet, best known for playing the fictional Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, has snapped up a series 10 guest star role as the Landlord.

All aboard

It’s all hands on deck on board the TARDIS! Can you spot Peter and Pearl?

Hole in the wall

What’s happened here?! We can’t say, but it’s sure to be exciting!

Insert corny pun here

Filming takes you to all kinds of locations…

Out of order

Oh dear… Let’s hope the TARDIS isn’t out of action for long!

Bird’s eye view

A side of Peter Capaldi we’ve not really seen before…

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Doctor Who and Class to appear at New York Comic Con

Doctor Who and new spin-off Class will appear in panels at New York Comic Con this October. The Doctor Who panel includes stars Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie, as well as Steven Moffat and executive producer Brian Minchin. The Class panel includes stars Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah, as well as writer, creator and executive producer Patrick Ness and executive producer Brian Minchin.

Peter Capaldi will make his New York Comic Con debut along with the first ever appearance by new co-star Pearl Mackie, who joins the series as Bill, the Doctor’s new companion. When Pearl joined the cast, Emmy-winning lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat teased “a new voyage is about to begin” and “this is where the story really starts.” Fans will get a sneak peek of what’s ahead including the upcoming Christmas Special this December and hints on what’s in store for Steven Moffat’s final season as showrunner.

There will also be a panel at New York Comic Con for the new series Class, a Doctor Who spin-off set in Shoreditch, London. Four Coal Hill School students who have hidden secrets and desires, navigate a life of friends, parents, school work, sex, sorrow – and possibly the end of existence. Fear is coming, tragedy is coming, war is coming. 

Coal Hill School has been a part of the Doctor Who universe since the very beginning, but that has come at a price. Time travelling over the years has caused the very walls of space and time to become thin. There’s something pressing in on the other side, something waiting for its chance to kill everyone and everything, to bring us all into Shadow.  

Find out more information about Class and meet the cast in 360°.


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Seeing double: Doctor Who doppelgängers

This August we’ve dedicated ourselves to investigating those pesky shape-shifting Zygons. The Zygons can mimic the appearance of other living creatures, which can leave you flummoxed as you try to distinguish the original from the Zygon. On a number of occasions we’ve seen people come face-to-face with themselves, as we try to work out who’s human and who’s a metamorphic, sucker-covered alien from Zygor. 

But of course these aren’t the only occasions we’ve seen double in the world of Doctor Who, so here’s a selection of our favourite DW doppelgängers: Zygons, Gangers, androids and more…

The two Osgoods

The two Osgoods in The Zygon Inversion

As far as we’re concerned the ultimate Zygon/human conundrum is the two Osgoods. We first saw two Osgoods in The Day of the Doctor when Zygon invaders impersonated UNIT personnel in order to gain access to the Black Archive and take over the world. To stop the Zygons, Kate Stewart was willing to destroy the Black Archive, taking London along with it, but the Doctor(s) managed to avert the crisis by brokering a peace between the two species. Naturally we thought that was it for the Zygon Osgood and of course we were heartbroken to see Osgood die at the hands of Missy in Death in Heaven.

But death isn’t always final – at least not in Doctor Who – so we were thrilled to see the return of Osgood in The Zygon Invasion. Which Osgood? We still don’t know! But it was great news all the same. This remaining Osgood was instrumental in helping the Doctor prevent a human/Zygon war devised by the rebel Zygon, Bonnie. And by the end of The Zygon Inversion, one Osgood was again two, as a reformed Bonnie became the new second Osgood. Hurrah!

The Daleks' duplicate Doctor

The First Doctor and his double fight to the death…

During the First Doctor adventure, The Chase, the Daleks created a robotic duplicate of the Doctor to infiltrate the Doctor’s friends and kill them. However, Vikki overhears this Dalek plan and is able to warn her friends. But when the Doctor and his animatronic double confront each other, there is some confusion over who the impostor actually is… The two Doctors fight while both claiming that the other is the fake. Thankfully Barbara has been paying attention and correctly identifies the Doctor and the robot Doctor is destroyed!

10 x 2

The Tenth Doctor, Rose and the Meta-Crisis Doctor in Journey's End

What’s better than the Tenth Doctor? TWO TENTH DOCTORS! The Meta-Crisis Doctor was created during a biological meta-crisis in which Donna Noble’s DNA combined with the regenerative energy from the Doctor’s severed hand - which he was handily keeping in a container in the TARDIS control room! But the Meta-Crisis Doctor wasn’t exactly the same as Ten, he was part human - just one heart, no power of regeneration and the ability to age and die like you or me. He was also dangerous, born in battle, full of blood and anger and revenge, so he needed someone to look after him, to keep him on the straight and narrow. And who better than Rose? So the Meta-Crisis Doctor stayed with her in the parallel universe… And they wasted no time in starting their new lives with a kiss on the beach at Bad Wolf Bay, which seemed to us a little insensitive as the real Tenth Doctor was still STANDING RIGHT THERE!

Mickey and Ricky

Mickey and Ricky in Rise of the Cybermen

When the TARDIS landed in an alternate universe in Rise of the Cybermen, Rose and Mickey found a number of things were different from their own world – not least of which was Ricky, Mickey’s parallel world counterpart. Mickey and Ricky looked exactly alike, they had the same unreliable father and the same loving gran (although in Mickey’s reality his gran had died 5 years earlier), but they weren’t the same in every way. Ricky wasn’t as friendly as Mickey, and he’d assumed leadership of The Preachers, a group who recognised the danger of Cybus Industries. In The Age of Steel, Ricky was killed by a Cyberman, as Mickey looked on horrified. Once the Cybermen were defeated Mickey decided to stay on parallel Earth, to look after his beloved gran and take Ricky’s place leading the Preachers.


Meglos posing as the Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor got himself ‘a good old-fashioned doppelgänger’ when the Zolfa-Thuran, Meglos took on his appearance in an attempt to steal the Dodecahedron, a mysterious energy providing artefact from the planet Tigella. Meglos trapped the Doctor and Romana in a time loop, while he posed as the Time Lord to gain the trust of the Tigellans and take the Dodecahedron. Once the real Doctor arrived, much confusion ensued and the Doctor was to be sacrificed as a consequence of his supposed betrayal. Throughout the adventure Meglos struggled to keep the Doctor’s appearance, sometimes accidentally showing aspects of his true, cactus-like form. Of course eventually the Doctor escaped death and outwitted Meglos, using the Dodecahedron to destroy Zolfa-Thura and Meglos along with it.

The Eleventh Doctor and his Ganger

The Eleventh Doctor and his Ganger in The Rebel Flesh

The Eleventh Doctor acquired a double when he, Amy and Rory landed on an Alpha Grade industrial facility in the 22nd century. The workers in the acid mining factory used Flesh to create Gangers of themselves to carry out dangerous work on their behalf. While investigating the Flesh the Doctor scanned it and accidentally created a Ganger of his own. Whereas the factory workers were suspicious of their Gangers, the Doctor seemed thrilled to spend some time in his own company declaring “I'm starting to get a sense of just how impressive it is to hang out with me.”

The Doctor and his Ganger worked together to try and keep a peace between the humans and their Flesh counterparts, together they hoped to get all the facility’s inhabitants – both humans and Gangers - to safety. The Doctor and his Ganger had secretly switched shoes to work out if they were truly the same and prove to Amy and the mining crew that the Gangers were legitimate lifeforms. When one of the miners Gangers became deranged, the Ganger Doctor sacrificed himself to give the real Doctor time to escape in the TARDIS with Amy, Rory and the surviving mining crew.

Romana, Strella and the androids of Tara

Romana sees the resemblance between Princess Strella and herself

In The Androids of Tara we encountered three Romana replicates as well as the original Time Lady herself! While searching for the fourth segment of the Key to Time, Romana was attacked by a native beast and rescued by Count Grendel who mistook her for an android. Why? Because Romana looked exactly like the Taran princess, Strella, and the Count had programmed a robotic duplicate of Strella to kill Prince Reynart, in an attempt steal the throne. However, the Doctor was present when the android Princess approached Reynart and he prevented the assassination. This infuriated Count Grendel, who ordered an android of Romana be made to kill the Doctor. That’s a whole lot of look-a-likes! Ultimateley the Doctor defeated the evil Grendel, who was disgraced and Prince Reynart was free to be with the real Princess Strella.

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The Doctor's Sporting Skills!

The Doctor loves the Olympics - so much in fact, that he watched the 1948 Games twice! And he even got to carry the Olympic torch at London 2012 - all the way back in 2006. Although the Doctor doesn’t always seem like a natural sportsman, he has over the centuries thrown his hat into the ring and participated in a number of sports and games.

So, as the 2016 Olympics kick off, here’s our guide to the Doctor’s sporting prowess…


The Doctor first showed off his archery skills in the Fourth Doctor adventure The Face of Evil, when he used a crossbow to shoot through a rope and save himself from a Sevateem trap. When Leela enquired on where he learned to shoot like that, the Doctor replied “In Switzerland. Charming man. William Tell, he was called.”

In Robot of Sherwood, the Twelfth Doctor, fuelled by bravado, cut in on an archery contest between the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood. After the Doctor ‘won’, he and Robin continued to engage in a game of one-upmanship, with both archers demonstrating immense skill before they were arrested by the Sheriff’s robotic guards.

Unfortunately the Doctor was later forced to admit he’d cheated, using a special arrow with a homing device… Maybe William Tell’s tutelage wasn’t that great after all?


Cricket = Fifth Doctor. Simple as that. No other Doctor was as associated with a sport as Five and cricket. In fact, he loved it so much that his outfit of choice was basically a set of cricket whites!

The Doctor was (happily) roped into playing a match in Black Orchid, where he showed off his skills and won the game in style for Cranleigh. He’d also usually have a cricket ball tucked away in his pocket, and it came in handy in Four to Doomsday when he needed that extra bit of momentum to propel him from the Urbankan spaceship to the TARDIS! And the Tenth Doctor (disguised as John Smith) bowled a brilliant ball to save a mother and her child from a falling piano in Human Nature.

Venusian Aikido

Ok, so if cricket makes you think of the Fifth Doctor, then Venusian Aikido should conjure up velvet suits, bouffant hair and a yellow car named Bessie! The Third Doctor was a Doctor of action, never shying away from a good car chase or swordfight with his best frenemy, so it made sense that he was a skilled martial artist, too! He’d often face his enemies in hand-to-hand combat, choosing to subdue them or render them unconscious, rather than the more deadly, weapons-based methods of UNIT and the Brigadier.


In The Lodger, the Eleventh Doctor was trying his best to be a ’normal bloke’, so when his new flat mate, Craig, asked if he could make up the numbers for a pub league football team, he agreed. He thought he was good at football, although he didn’t seem 100% sure which sport football was. But it turned out he was right! He scored a number of goals and was instrumental in the King’s Arms’ victory.


We’ve seen the Third, Fourth, Seventh and Eleventh Doctors dabble with chess – sometimes to simply pass the time and sometimes to cunningly gain a tactical advantage over an adversary. Most recently the Eleventh Doctor showed a penchant for the game. In Nightmare in Silver, the Cybermen attempted to upload and incorporate the Doctor as a Cyber-Planner. While fighting the Cyber-Planner within his own head for control of his brain, the Doctor suggested a game of chess – winner take all. But the game was just a distraction, buying the Doctor just enough time to modify an anti-cyber hand-pulse, apply it to his cyber circuitry and eliminate any trace of the Cyber-Planner from his mind!

The Eleventh Doctor was also remarkably adept at live chess – a variant of the game where the pieces were electrified, the voltage increasing with each move. In The Wedding of River Song, the Doctor played a match against Gantok. He expertly outwitted his opponent until Gantok’s only possible option was to move his queen, now charged with 4 million volts, which would certainly result in death! The Doctor was however playing for higher stakes, and agreed to concede the game in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Dorium Maldovar… Checkmate!

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An Old Frenemy Resurfaces in TORCHWOOD #1 (Review) - Nerdist


An Old Frenemy Resurfaces in TORCHWOOD #1 (Review)
John Barrowman clearly loves Captain Jack Harkness, a character he's been playing since 2005. It's been a long time since Jack has appeared in live-action, but Barrowman and his sister Carole Barrowman are now co-writing a brand new Torchwood comic ...

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Comic Book Review – Torchwood #1 - Flickering Myth (blog)

Flickering Myth (blog)

Comic Book Review – Torchwood #1
Flickering Myth (blog)
Torchwood_001_Cover_A_Tommy_Lee_Edwards Torchwood is Back, in an all-new ongoing comics series written by Captain Jack himself, John Barrowman! Captain Jack Harkness is back in Cardiff, and there's only one person he can turn to, the last person ...

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Missy/The Master’s most diabolical schemes, ranked!

For centuries, Missy/the Master has been concocting the most evil and malicious schemes, and for centuries, the Doctor has been foiling them. Most of the time, you could argue that they’re only coming up with these diabolical plans just to get their best friend’s attention. But there’s no denying that Missy/the Master really does have an evil streak, and genuinely enjoys creating as much chaos and destruction as they possibly can.

But which of their devious designs has been the most malicious? We’ve taken a look at some of Missy/the Master’s most diabolical schemes, and ranked them from evil to really, really, unspeakably evil!

Destroying the World Peace Conference to trigger a nuclear war – The Mind of Evil

Trapped on Earth with no TARDIS dematerialisation circuit, the Master had to stave off boredom and keep himself entertained somehow. And what better way than to release a nerve gas missile at the World Peace Conference, killing political and military leaders, destabilising all major world powers and triggering a nuclear war that would destroy the Earth!

The Doctor foiled his plan, of course, but it was better than sitting in his parked TARDIS twiddling his thumbs. And the Master got his dematerialisation circuit back, so off on lots of evil adventures he went!

Rank: Evil.

Turning everyone on Earth into himself – The End of Time

For the people he’s terrorised, one Master in the whole of space and time is more than enough. So, imagine the combined atrocities of 7 billion Masters… Yikes. The End of Time Part 1 saw the entire human race turned into, well, a Master race when the Master managed to replace (almost) every human’s genome with his own Time Lord DNA. Cue a heck of a lot of maniacal laughter…

Rank: Pretty evil.

Summoning ‘the Devil’ aka Azal – The Daemons

The Master went a bit dark magic in The Daemons, and thought it was a good idea to summon ‘the Devil’, which was actually an alien named Azal, from the planet Daemos, who had been influencing human history through the ages in an experiment to see whether or not humanity was worthy of existence. The Master wanted to acquire Azal’s destructive powers in order to, you’ve guessed it, have dominion over the universe, but Azal offers them instead to the Doctor, who declines (of course). Gutted.

Rank: Really evil.

The Toclafane – The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords

The Toclafane were a race of human cyborgs from the year 100 trillion, the end of the universe. The Master, rising to the height of power as Prime Minister Harold Saxon, brought the Toclafane back to 2007 Earth through a time rift to slaughter their ancestors and secure the Master as ruler of the planet.

But, we hear you ask, how could the Toclafane, the remnants of the last humans in the universe, continue to exist if their ancestors were destroyed? Because that cunning Time Lord created a Paradox Machine out of the Doctor’s TARDIS, which he stole at the end of Utopia, that was able to sustain the two time paradoxes. Now that’s clever and evil.

Rank: Fiendishly evil.

Destroying the universe by accelerating entropy – Logopolis

Ok, so, we’re going to try to explain the basics of Logopolis as simply as we can. Logopolis is a planet inhabited by genius mathematicians who, for centuries, have been computing and applying their calculations to slow down the onset of entropy that would have caused the heat death of the universe. The Doctor visits the Logopolitans to ask for their help in fixing his TARDIS’s chameleon circuit, but the Master’s hot on his heels, ready to cause some chaos.

He kills a few of the mathematicians, thinking that this would only put a spanner in the Logopolitans’ TARDIS calculations. Hoo boy, big mistake. The universe starts to crumble, instead. Realising his error, the Master and the Doctor work together to try to stop the acceleration of entropy, but just as they are about to succeed, the Master holds the Doctor at gunpoint and broadcasts a message to the cosmos: submit to his will or he will let entropy destroy the universe. Talk about turning a mistake into a tactical advantage!

Rank: Maniacally evil!

Turning the dead into Cybermen – Dark Water/Death in Heaven

Think destroying the universe by accelerating entropy is pure evil? Well, imagine all your ancestors and departed loved ones resurrected as emotionless metal killing machines, bending to the will of a madwoman. Now, imagine all of the friends the Doctor has lost in all his days of walking the Earth coming back as Cybermen: Amy, Rory, Reinette, Pete Tyler, Joan Redfern, Harriet Jones, Vincent Van Gogh, and of course the Brigadier. That’s pure nightmare fuel, and the worst part is that Missy genuinely thought this was a good idea for a birthday present/olive branch… Awkward.

Rank: Really, really, unspeakably evil!

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Talking Torchwood Comics With John and Carole Barrowman - Bleeding Cool News

Bleeding Cool News

Talking Torchwood Comics With John and Carole Barrowman
Bleeding Cool News
OK: What's this particular Torchwood story about and where is the team emotionally when the story picks off? Carole Barrowman: Let me do a little bit of both and then he can jump in. The first question, emotionally, they are in a much better place than ...
Torchwood #1 ReviewNerdSpan (press release)

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