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Obama senior adviser: The doctor who preformed Trump's physical was 'phenomenal' and 'took great care of us' - Washington Examiner

Washington Examiner

Obama senior adviser: The doctor who preformed Trump's physical was 'phenomenal' and 'took great care of us'
Washington Examiner
A former White House adviser for the Obama administration touted his respect for Dr. Ronny Jackson on Tuesday as the White House doctor spent an hour informing reporters that the results of President Trump's physical showed that he was in good health ...
White House doctor says Trump scored perfect marks on cognitive test, needs to lose weightLos Angeles Times
Doctor: Trump healthy, did 'exceedingly well' on cognitive testChattanooga Times Free Press
Trump 'healthy,' no cognitive issues: doctorSBS
Raw Story -Daily Mail
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How can Doctor Who make gains in viewer numbers and ratings? - Doctor Who Watch

Doctor Who Watch

How can Doctor Who make gains in viewer numbers and ratings?
Doctor Who Watch
Ratings are important when it comes to any television show. What could we see Doctor Who change? Though Doctor Who cracked the Top Five most watched special on Christmas Day, it still didn't compare to the past. The truth is, with BBC iPlayer, iTunes ...


Water Tower and Millenium Centre

Ian Gedge posted a photo:

Water Tower and Millenium Centre

Cardiff Bay, Wales

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Jodie Whittaker had 'months' of auditions to land 'Doctor Who' role ... -

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Liverpool Doctor Who star announced for city's Comic Con ... - Liverpool Echo

Liverpool Echo

Liverpool Doctor Who star announced for city's Comic Con ...
Liverpool Echo
Former Time Lord will park his TARDIS at Liverpool Exhibition Centre.

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Dino Mess!

StephenMitchell posted a photo:

Dino Mess!

First dinosaur toon for 2018!


Admit it! We have all had this exact dream ..

Princess Heaven posted a photo:

Admit it! We have all had this exact dream ..

Model: Princess
Inside Capaldi's Tardis *grins*

Dr Who Fan Test ... what is wrong with this picture?


Wedi ei amgylchynu / Surrounded

Rhisiart Hincks posted a photo:

Wedi ei amgylchynu / Surrounded

Gynn Square, Blackpool



De Búrca Photography posted a photo:


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Yvonne Hartman is back from the dead in Torchwood: Aliens Among Us: Part 3! - Doctor Who Watch

Doctor Who Watch

Yvonne Hartman is back from the dead in Torchwood: Aliens Among Us: Part 3!
Doctor Who Watch
Then she got her own spin-off series, Torchwood One. Last year, we received the first box set, Before the Fall, and Machines is due out later this year. But to have her return in the continuing story of Torchwood is a bold move. I'd say it would be ...

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“Torchwood,” “Arrow” Star John Barrowman to Appear at Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis, Cleveland - The Daily Telescope

Torchwood,” “Arrow” Star John Barrowman to Appear at Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis, Cleveland
The Daily Telescope
Los Angeles, CA, January 05, 2018 — Perhaps best known for roles as “Captain Jack Harkness” from “Doctor Who/Torchwood” and “Malcolm Merlyn” in the hit series “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow,” popular guest John Barrowman will make a triumphant ...

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'Torchwood,' 'Arrow' Star John Barrowman To Appear At Wizard World Comic Con - Broadway World

'Torchwood,' 'Arrow' Star John Barrowman To Appear At Wizard World Comic Con
Broadway World
Having created "Harkness" in the first series of Russell T Davies's revamped "Doctor Who" for BBC TV, the character created such an impact that he was given his own spin off series, "Torchwood." His multi talents have also been seen on primetime ...

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Preview of Torchwood #3 - Flickering Myth (blog)

Flickering Myth (blog)

Preview of Torchwood #3
Flickering Myth (blog)
Cleaning up the explosive aftermath of the Navigator/ Vervoid plot to take over the world, Jack and Gwen received some unexpected news… Captain John Hart revealed that the Vervoids had created a clone hybrid from both of their DNA! This creature's ...

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Some of the Greatest Doctor Who Episodes Ever on BBC iPlayer!

There’s something special about adventures that feature the Doctor regenerating. The stories are often emotional rollercoasters, even bigger and more dramatic than other episodes… And as we prepare for the Twelfth Doctor’s regeneration on Christmas Day, a whole bunch of them are now available to watch – for a limited period only – on BBC iPlayer!

In Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), Rose and Captain Jack must defeat a massive Dalek invasion, but with the odds so overwhelmingly against them, it’s clear they won’t all make it out alive…

In the epic The End of Time part one and part two, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) must defeat a newly resurrected Master whose insanity threatens all mankind. With the return of Gallifrey and cameos from much-loved companions such as Sarah Jane and Martha, this huge two-parter ends with one of the show’s most tear-jerking scenes as the ‘lonely angel’ admits he doesn’t want to go…

The Night of the Doctor is a fantastic mini-episode that sees the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) in the midst of the Time War, battling to save lives… including his own! A gem of story, The Night of the Doctor also features Ohila from series 9 and offers a glimpse of Sir John Hurt as the War Doctor.

The Day of the Doctor was the show’s 50th anniversary Special. A glorious, movie-length celebration of an adventure, it sees the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) join forces with the Tenth Doctor and the War Doctor against Daleks, Zygons and a threat to the entire universe… Packed with action, nods to the show’s past and some very special surprise appearances, it also features the emotional moment the War Doctor regenerates.

The Eleventh Doctor’s swansong was a Christmas Special that saw the Time Lord pitted against everything from Daleks and a Weeping Angel to a wooden Cyberman… And Clara’s family! The Time of the Doctor had plenty of humour in what proved to be a touching tale of how the Eleventh Doctor made a tremendous sacrifice simply to defend innocent people… There’s even time for some fish fingers and custard before he makes way for the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi)!

And don’t forget, you can see the Twelfth Doctor regenerate on Christmas Day when he meets the First Doctor and Bill in Twice Upon a Time!

Bonus! Test your knowledge of adventures featuring regenerations in this fast, fun quiz!

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The 2017 Christmas Special: Everything we’ve got (and know!) so far…

Having trouble keeping up with the latest trailers, clips, pics and need-to-know facts about this year’s Christmas Special? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place! So, with fair warning of spoilers ahead, here’s a round-up of what’s what and who’s Who…

The 2017 Christmas Special is on BBC One on Christmas Day at 5.30pm and is called Twice Upon a Time.

Here’s the first trailer we released:

It’s a 60-minute episode that sees the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) team up with the First Doctor (David Bradley) and a returning Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie), for one last adventure. It also stars Mark Gatiss as the Captain. See more action from Twice Upon a Time in its second exciting trailer...

The episode is written by Steven Moffat so you can expect plenty of action, twists, tension and humour. Fancy a sneak peek now? Then check out this preview clip…

We know the Special features a farewell to the current Doctor who will regenerate into a new version of the Time Lord, played by Jodie Whittaker. But you can find out more about the plotline in this article or browse through some great images from the adventure in this gallery.

You can remind yourself of how the Twelfth Doctor met the First Doctor or look ahead to the new Doctor with the video that revealed who had been handed the key to the TARDIS!

And don’t forget, if you want more Doctor Who goodness before the next episode airs we’re releasing festive treats all the way up to Christmas in our Adventure Calendar including some great shots that you can use as wallpaper on your mobile or computer screen. Plus you can see Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat talk about the regeneration in the interview below!

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Your chance to pilot the TARDIS in new, virtual reality game!

Doctor Who fans can now zoom through a virtual reality version of the show’s iconic title sequence in a new game from the BBC. Doctor Who Time Vortex VR combines casual, arcade-style gaming with virtual reality to create an unforgettable experience that gives players the chance to pilot the TARDIS through the depths of the terrifying space-time vortex!

The game is a VR reboot of the successful Time Vortex 360 mobile game released earlier this year. As they speed through time, players will tackle hazards and obstacles emerging from the future ahead of them, and will need to quickly react by physically turning around to evade threats from the past. As players progress through the game, they are transported into different time zones from past eras, from the current vortex to re-imagined designs from the 1960s and 1980s.

Back in time… Now players can travel through the ‘original’ vortex.

The game is available to play using cardboard headsets, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive via your web browser. However, those without headsets can play the game with mobiles and tablets running newer versions of Android or iOS and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. A full list of all supported devices is available in the FAQ.

The vortex, as seen back in the 80s, is just one environment players can zoom through!

To play, fans simply need to visit Like the original 360 game, the VR version is an Endless Runner, which gets more and more difficult the longer people play, taking them on a visually intense journey through the famous vortex from the show's opening credits. Using the device's accelerometer, players control the game by physically moving around, even giving the player the ability to turn around and travel backwards in time.

Avoid the obstacles and pilot the TARDIS through time and space!

Clink on the link in the article above to play the game now!

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The 13 Best – and Worst – Presents in Doctor Who History!

Christmas is a time for family and friends, for relaxing and watching the Doctor Who special… But let’s be honest, it’s also a time for gifts, gifts, gifts!

The Doctor never seems materialistic (‘I don’t want money… I've got no use for the stuff!’) but he’s given some cracking presents over the years! And so in this special festive feature we look at the best – and some of the worst – gifts that have been given in the show’s 54 year history…

What a picture!

One of Bill’s big regrets was not having any photos of her late mum… The Doctor secretly popped back in time, took a load of snaps and then left them for his new companion to treasure forever. In terms of gifts, that’s got to define ‘picture perfect’.

Come fly with me

As a ‘thank you’ to Martha for helping him sort out the Judoon platoon on the moon, the Doctor gave her a TARDIS pass (so to speak) and took her to Olde England, New Earth and New York in the 1930s. As thank you presents go, that definitely beats a bunch of flowers from the garage.

A girl’s best friend

After leaving the TARDIS, Sarah Jane Smith visited her Aunt Lavinia for the seasonal holidays and found a present the Doctor had left her… K-9! Sarah and her new ‘best friend’ formed a great partnership, fighting evil and injustice and ensuring this dog wasn’t just for Christmas.

A gift of the TARDIS…

The Fourth Doctor called it ‘…a Time Lord’s gift I allow you to share…’ and the Ninth termed it ‘a gift of the TARDIS’. But wherever the gift is from, it’s a corker – the ability to converse in and understand almost any language in the universe! Now that translates as cool however you look at it.

Sonic saviour!

A sonic screwdriver has to be one of the best presents ever but when the Doctor gave River Song a sonic it turned out to be the device that saved her life (sort of) and let her live with her friends in harmony forever (sort of).


The Doctor gave Donna a lottery ticket for her wedding present, bought with £1 that was given to him by her dad. Scooping the triple rollover jackpot meant Donna probably wouldn’t be rushing back to temp work any time soon…

Presents to Ponder

Donna may have won the lottery with her wedding present but the Doctor gifted the Ponds a gorgeous house and Rory’s dream car. Rory’s only fear was that Amy would reject them. ‘She’ll say that we can’t accept it because it’s too extravagant and we’ll always feel a crippling sense of obligation...’ he told the Doctor, bravely adding, ‘It’s a risk I’m willing to take.’

Flower power

Fair play to Amy – she didn’t just receive good presents, she knew how to pick them. After meeting Vincent Van Gogh, as a thank you for his help, she bought a dazzling amount of sunflowers and displayed them in his courtyard, hoping it would inspire him to start painting some of his most famous works. Although he voiced reluctance to commit them to canvas, the Doctor felt sure he’d rise to the challenge…

Magic carpet?

Bill gave the Doctor a rug for Christmas, which the TARDIS later landed on, suggesting to Bill that her new tutor had even more secrets than she realised… Okay, a rug may not be the most exciting present in the world but after everything the Doctor has done for humanity, it felt nice that he was finally getting a little something back.

But not all the gifts in Doctor Who have been so superb… Here’s our list of four of the worst presents…

Breath of fresh air!

Okay, it’s the thought that counts, but when the great and the good gathered to watch the destruction of Earth and the Doctor felt compelled to give Jabe (above) a gift, he could surely have had a root round his pockets for a jelly baby or a banana or pretty much anything apart from ‘air from my lungs’. To be fair, Jabe seemed tickled to death and called it ‘intimate’ but we don’t recommend breathing all over your best friend next time you forget their birthday…

A host of golden daffo-kills…

In the first adventure to feature the Master, the Autons looked like they’d turned over a new leaf when they started handing out daffodils to the general public. Unfortunately, these synthetic flowers ‘came alive’, spat out a film of plastic and caused a spate of deaths across England. And we thought hay fever was bad.

Crystal clear?

The Doctor’s former companion, Jo, had one of those awkward moments when she decided to return the Time Lord’s wedding present… Turns out the blue crystal of Metebelis 3 was, well, cursed! Jo’s guides through the Amazon branded the gem ‘bad magic’ and insisted that ‘it goes or they go…’ Turns out it was just as well she ditched the gift as the next person to examine it was seized by a malign, invisible force and was mysteriously killed moments after handling the crystal… What can we say? Hope you kept the receipt, Doctor…

Killer present…

Worst gift ever? In Pyramids of Mars, Sutekh’s servant is a barrel of laughs, emerging from the sarcophagus above and declaring: ‘I bring Sutekh’s gift of death to all humanity...’ That’s one prezzie we think we’ll skip, thanks.

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Doctor, Doctor! Our Five Fave Multi-Doctor Adventures!

There’s always something special about a multi-Doctor story. The return of familiar faces, the moments where the Doctors banter and bicker and the feeling that the Time Lord is finally speaking to someone who understands the danger and excitement of his world…

As we look ahead to Twice Upon a Time where the current ‘version’ meets his first self – the original, you might say – we look back on five of our fave multi-Doctor adventures.

The Five Doctors

The show’s twentieth anniversary special is so charming and fun it’s impossible to dislike. The Second Doctor teams up with the Brig, the Third Doctor is back with the returning Sarah Jane Smith and the Fifth Doctor works with the First to find out whose crazy scheme has put Gallifrey and his own existence in jeopardy. Loads of fan-pleasing cameos and great footage of the Fourth Doctor courtesy of Shada, the unfinished adventure originally intended to close season 17. Maybe don’t look too closely at the plot… Just enjoy one of the most nostalgic reunion parties Doctor Who ever hosted!

Time Crash

The first of a few multi-Doctor stories written by Steven Moffat clocks in at under ten minutes but still manages to deliver drama, humour and an ‘awww’ moment we can all relate to as the Tenth Doctor tells the Fifth, ‘You were my Doctor…’ The first multi-Doctor story since the show’s return in 2005, it manages to be an essential part of the Tenth Doctor’s travels whilst remaining an affectionate nod to the show’s past. Or as the Tenth Doctor himself summed it up, ‘All my love to long ago…’

Day of the Daleks

We’re popping this one into the list as Day of the Daleks was the very first adventure where the Doctor met, chatted and interacted with himself! It’s often overlooked because we see two versions of the same (Third) Doctor and the multi-Doctor scene is relatively short. But it’s a cracking adventure – Steven Moffat points out how fantastic it is – and crucially, it set an important precedent… Whilst Day of the Daleks opened the show’s ninth season, the tenth season kicked off with the first of the full on multi-Doctor stories in the form of…

The Three Doctors

Let’s be honest. The first adventure where the Doctor meets previous versions of himself has a few – ahem – issues. The ‘gell guards’  aren’t the most convincing enemies and when the Brigadier declares UNIT HQ is ‘a top secret security establishment’ it’s baffling to see a massive sign outside the building minutes later, announcing exactly what the complex is and even who’s in charge of it!

But the whole thing really gets going when the Second Doctor rocks up and starts arguing with the (then incumbent) Third Doctor. Their marvellously tetchy dynamic is often played for laughs but when the crisis facing the cosmos is revealed they switch to serious mode and conspire to lend the story an extra gravitas. Throw in cameos from the First Doctor, notably his amused reaction to his future selves – ‘So you’re my replacements? A dandy and a clown!’ – and we have a cracking four-parter that celebrated the show’s tenth season in style!

The Day of the Doctor

The big one. All twelve Doctors joining forces to save Gallifrey? ‘No, sir! All thirteen!’ Hard to imagine anything else being crammed into this glorious adventure that marked Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary… A ‘secret’ Doctor? Check. Ten and Eleven being perfect together? Check. Daleks, Zygons, awesome Time War action, Tom Baker cameo and a great fez gag? Check, check, check, check, check!

Honourable mentions…

A few adventures almost made it into our top five including The Two Doctors which featured the return not just of the Second Doctor and Jamie, but (after an absence of over half a decade) the Sontarans. The Name of the Doctor introduced the War Doctor in a memorable scene that showed the Eleventh Doctor facing him with contempt and of course, we can’t miss out the incredible The Doctor Falls that finished with the Twelfth Doctor meeting the First…

So, will those two Doctors get along? And what dangers will they face? You can find out on Christmas Day in Twice Upon a Time!